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Episode Thirteen – Esperanto In this very special episode, Doug Driesel Jr. is absent due to playing the hell out of some Minecraft on his iPhone (he’s, like, the ONLY person that doesn’t have an Android), so Ed Galvez takes over hosting duties. Joining him in his windy, fan-blown apartment are comedian and general antagonist Read more

Episode Twelve – Mrs. Non-Gorilla and Gongfu In this very special episode, Doug Driesel Jr. and Cowboy Robot Who Thinks That He is a Dog are joined by comedian and curiously pre-occupied human being Lisa Curry, an unpleasant PI from Chicago named “Robert Clunker,” the pan-sexual ball of fabulousness named Gaetano Venezuela and snarky internet comedienne/mythological creature Kathy Griffon. Read more

Episode Eleven – Dash X and Yunnan Pu-erh In this very special episode, Doug and Cowboy Robot are joined by TWO NORMAL (to be emphasized separately) guests: Comedians Laura Crawford and Justin Lentz. They have a fun-time hang-out-type talk about everything from “Eerie, Indiana” to pinball to scumbags to Cher, but mostly it’s just pinball and Cher. Read more

Episode Ten – Gilgamesh, D-Man and Sleepwalker and Keenan Congou In this very special episode, Doug is joined by comedian Rye Silverman, not-gay-but-supportive Texarkana native Rusty Cox and immortal time-travelling-sex-murderer and former  president Grover Cleveland (the first, evil one, not the second Bizarro good Grover Cleveland). They speak to the ghost of John Wayne, talk Read more