139 Michael Underlin, Donavan Michael Winterfeld and Kyla Byers

Episode One-Hundred and Thirty-Nine – 3xp‚ąÉriment In this episode, Doug is joined by Chet Armstrong, energy drink magnate, and Michael Peabody, a half-man librarian who is SUPER late getting there. Together, they discuss abiding the rules of the podcast, whether or not last names were assigned, why Michael was so late, all the celebrities that might be drinks now, whose boner that is (it’s David Carradine’s Dad’s), chimeras, orgies and reenact wife orgies. Visit our homepage at http://obscurereferencepodcast.com Support the show by donating the the Patreon page http://patreon.com/dougdrieseljr Buy merchandise based on this episode at our Threadless page: https://obscurereferencepodcast.threadless.com/designs/episode-139-offspring/