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“Tubthumping” NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this episode was recorded on Doug’s phone. Sound quality slightly less than normal, but you can still easily hear everything. Boston Strangler, Brandon Speakes and Dick Sargent appear. Heckling. The electric slide. Seating arrangements. Pedestrians. Back 2 Da Hood. Act outs. David Bowie and Queen. Larry Hagman. V.I.P. Renegade. Read more

“Green Bean News” Whippits. Introductions. James Earl Ray. The evening news. Green beans. 10 minute theme songs. Killing vampires. Cauliflower. Snapping bones. Albert Einstein. Many tailed cats. Explaining jokes. Post-it Notes. Writhing habits. Mexican Beans: GO! Crowns. Muscle Men. Tie breakers. Terminator 2: Secret of the Ooze. Disney’s Robin Hood. Is Doug a wolverine? Fondest Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Forty-Five – Rock, Paper, Tinder In this episode, Doug has invited Crisco to his secluded island to be hunted for sport. The Fantasy Island remake, vinegar and baking soda volcanos, rock monsters, burger toppings, Sonic’s speaker systems, rocking the dinosaurs, whether you should say “shoot,” what’s going on over at the Sandals Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Forty-Four – The Burrito Came Back In this episode, Doug is joined by Doug Briesel Jr. and Doug Driesel Poonior. Together, they discuss bathroom wizards, Pile of Merchandise, what Pamela Anderson Said, Anderson Cooper, Port-O-Potties, inside jokes for inside people, webcrawler, Chris Gaines, Jimmy Olsen, Norman Fell’s gypsy curse, obscure early nineties Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Forty-Two – GnomeConCen In this episode, Doug is joined by comedian Kevin Bennett and David the Gnome (no relation). Together, they discuss wishes, super-powers, the game show Press Your Luck, if we have what it takes to be evil, double entendre, getting sloppy, search histories and more! Visit our homepage at http://obscurereferencepodcast.com Support the Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Thirty-Eight – “The Back Alley Blowjob of Sodas” In this episode, Doug is joined by Michael Jackson. Not the Michael Jackson. That’s a coincidental name. This Michael Jackson is a Canadian fish who may or may not also be Bono. Together, they discuss Ace Ventura’s Butt Religion, the best Star Trek movie, the best Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Thirty-Five – I’m a Freak in the Sheets and in the Streets, as Well. I Like to Say the Whole Thing. Joining Doug in the young children’s school where he recorded this episode for some reason is a veritable cornucopia of characters and weirdos. Together, they discuss a number of topics, such Read more

Episode One Hundred and Nineteen – Trump ASMR In these two very special episodes, Doug runs into some technical problems and has a wild time with, like, thirty people in the studio where he’s recording. Then, he tries another episode and the board goes down. Still funny, but two incomplete episodes that need to be Read more