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154 Connor Baker, Donavan Michael Winterfeld and Mike Denny (LIVE)

“I Became Sexy For A Second, What The Hell”

The first in a series of live podcast recordings, straight from Monk’s Social Club in Springfield, MO! Doug is joined by returning guests Pot Leaf Tony, Golbacca and new guest, comedian Mike Denny! Memory lane! Doug tries to remember a joke and deals with a loud front row! Reverse Pot Leaf Tony! Word definition! Doug explains his Warby Parker of theme songs! The best way to make eggs! Maple Leaf Tony makes an appearance! Crepes!

153 Megan Kirchner and Scott Kirchner

“Mornings on The Bridge”

Local Low Power FM station morning hosts join Doug in the studio for today’s crazy episode! So much Frank talk! Sexy dogs! It’s Tracy Mitchells and Bill McGillicuddy! Regular music! Dancing spaghetti! D.B. Cooper makes a return appearance! Must Love Dogs! Controlling weather! Wet wool! Past lives and who has them! Who goes first in the meditation meeting!? Beer Shark Mice!

Call (573)347-0398 and leave a message that will be played on a future episode!

152 Carter Pfankuch and Pauly Ray

“Moving to Spain”

Comedian Carter Pfankuch and Huckleberry Ray (wrestler) join Doug in the studio. They start out with bad jokes! Intergalactic Wrestling! Kaiju Big Battel! Taking flip bumps! The premise of the show! The rain in Spain! Curses on houses! The show ends when the guests go to Spain! Uber drivers on speed!


Call (573)347-0398 and leave a message that will be played on a future episode!

151 Seth White

“And I Thought Mic Cords Smelled Bad On The Outside”

In this violently good episode, Doug is joined by Seth White (after he takes off his blindfold), explains the premise of the show, then Doug’s other guest, Bob, jumps in, torch talk happens. Then, Bob storms off in a huff and Doug and Seth talk to Creepy Steve, Doug’s unwanted roommate (and possibly Doug from the future), Weird Al Yankovic, Yes is discussed at great length, a Russian hitman shows up. Craziness ensues.

150 Daniel Bush and Trey Alexander


On the 150th episode of Obscure Reference, Doug Driesel Jr., your intrepid host, is joined by Johnson Franklin and Golblax von Blackleblack (from another galaxy). Sassy emperors! Elvis Palpatine! Facetiming with Doug’s niece! The Death Star II Hotel! Crunchy towels! Shrivelled penis talk! Rev. Sun Myung Moon! Doom Patrol! Coach! Cooper has to sit! Bryan Cranston brain explosion! Storm Trooper Dave!

149 Sarah Tweedle and Drew Webber

“Narfle the Garthok”

Doug Driesel Jr. and Tweedle and the Dee! Rocky Horror Picture Show! Adam Sandler albums! Have the guests listened to the show at all? As usual, NO! Human-sized chickens! Married people! Rupaul’s Drag Race! Branson! A-HA songs! Tweets from last night! Songs! Grey’s Anatomy!

148 Brandon Speakes and Donavan Michael Winterfeld

“White Astronauts Can’t Jump”

Childhood commercials. Back scratchers. The Simpsons. Scooby Dumb. Hong Kong Phooey. Casey Kasem. Facebook algorithm. Selling merchandise. Assassin sharks. Men at Work. Apollo 13. Rosie Perez. Hangovers. The origin of Golbacca. Okay Google failure. Right Right Right Right. Canada. Body temperatures. Sasquatch.

147 Michael Underlin

“Uncle Jesse Hair”

Chekhov’s Gun. Tiny Toons. Laser discs. #HanShotFirst. Arrested Development. Z. Strongbad. Sandwiches. Andrew Garfield. The movie “Next.” Full House. Punky Brewster. Evil twins. The superpower of “memory.” Splatball. Queen Amidala. The need of glasses. Face/Off. Legal downloads. Trading Places. Mug collections. No creepy whispering at the Alamo Drafthouse. Samurai Jack. Family of Sandwiches. Back to the Future III.

146 Jake Young, Pauly Ray and Josh Wingo

“Green Bean News”

Whippits. Introductions. James Earl Ray. The evening news. Green beans. 10 minute theme songs. Killing vampires. Cauliflower. Snapping bones. Albert Einstein. Many tailed cats. Explaining jokes. Post-it Notes. Writhing habits. Mexican Beans: GO! Crowns. Muscle Men. Tie breakers. Terminator 2: Secret of the Ooze. Disney’s Robin Hood. Is Doug a wolverine? Fondest memories of The X-Files. John Goodman vs. Zelda Rubinstein. Barenaked Ladies songs. Max Headroom. Henry Rollins.

Obscure Reference Presents: Doug’s Briefs

In this special episode, Doug is still working on getting his new podcast studio setup (damn these delays!), so he put together a collection of sketches for a sketch comedy show!

On Doug’s Patreon page ( patreon.com/dougdrieseljr ), two months ago, he did a sketch-a-day, and now he’s releasing it as part of an Obscure Reference Presents!