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137 Gerelle Shannon and Donovan Michael Winterfeld

Episode One-Hundred and Thirty-Seven – I Shouldn’ta Said That

*PRODUCER NOTE FOR FIRST-TIME LISTENERS* This episode got super real in part of it. Normally, this show is a goof-around nonsense show where we’re all weird and goofy. Still funny and fun show, but the realness is not a usual aspect of this show.

In this episode, Doug is joined by comedian Gerelle Shannon and returning guest Golbacca who analyzes Doug and Gerelle and they discuss whether or not they’d play Sun City (Doug won’t), Eddie Warbler, therapissing, Gerelle’s family tree, is the Doug The Jerk, Sharks vs. Jets, Rosie Perez, stereotypes and that time Doug accidentally scared the piss out of his dog.

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