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“White Astronauts Can’t Jump” Childhood commercials. Back scratchers. The Simpsons. Scooby Dumb. Hong Kong Phooey. Casey Kasem. Facebook algorithm. Selling merchandise. Assassin sharks. Men at Work. Apollo 13. Rosie Perez. Hangovers. The origin of Golbacca. Okay Google failure. Right Right Right Right. Canada. Body temperatures. Sasquatch.

Episode One-Hundred and Forty-Four – The Burrito Came Back In this episode, Doug is joined by Doug Briesel Jr. and Doug Driesel Poonior. Together, they discuss bathroom wizards, Pile of Merchandise, what Pamela Anderson Said, Anderson Cooper, Port-O-Potties, inside jokes for inside people, webcrawler, Chris Gaines, Jimmy Olsen, Norman Fell’s gypsy curse, obscure early nineties Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Forty-Three – Once You Golbacca, You Never Go Bacca In this VERY short episode, Doug is joined by comedian David Dial and Gabriel Ceplina, shoe gazing underground rocker. Together, they discuss The Utah Jazz, Snakes on a Plane, what, exactly, is shoe gazing, Starbucks, a bunch of stuff that doesn’t sit well Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Thirty-Four – Drop the Turd In this episode, Doug is joined by returning therapist, Golbacca, the unholy combination of Chewbacca and Gollum and spoiler fan and Marvel movie insider, Not-Kevin Feige! Get updates on what’s going to happen in future Marvel movies, the best car accessories, bathroom wizardry, The Bangles, toilet fighting, Read more

Episode One Hundred and Twenty Three – James Gunn Theme In this very special episode, Doug is joined by The Set-up Wizard and Gollbacca, the unholy abomination that is a combination of Gollum and Chewbacca. Together they have a really deep conversation about everything from people’s relationships with their moms to people’s relationships with their Read more