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“Gassy Boy” Doug watches his language. Wolf sounds. Lillian Stone sounds. Uncomfortable standing. Rasta Methuselah! Maxwell Moments! Good good good. Tulsa, Oklahoma. WWFFWFO. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe. McSoylent Green! Complacency vs. Complicitness! Patting ourselves on the back! Bird noises! Thumb tack chairs! James Deans throughout history! Square dance!

“Paul Punyan” More power! Chet Armstrong! Energy drinks! Vaping! Q102.1 Springfield’s Rock Station! Pokemon GO! Baden! Paul Bunyan! Nudity! Herpes! Verne Troyer! Pee-Wee’s Playhouse! Dubsmash! Reservoir Tip! Pirates! So. Many. Tree. Puns! Hypnotism! Willibly Wob-Do Verne Troyer Warbily Parker! David the Gnome!

“Homonyms” On the 150th episode of Obscure Reference, Doug Driesel Jr., your intrepid host, is joined by Johnson Franklin and Golblax von Blackleblack (from another galaxy). Sassy emperors! Elvis Palpatine! Facetiming with Doug’s niece! The Death Star II Hotel! Crunchy towels! Shrivelled penis talk! Rev. Sun Myung Moon! Doom Patrol! Coach! Cooper has to sit! Read more

Episode One-Hundred and Forty – Ants in Your Ranch In this episode, Doug is joined by the legend, the man himself, Dave the Cuisinart Salesman. Oh, and also Paul Bunyan. Together, they discuss Hope Smith, pioneer pies, why things are called that way, Assassins Creed, chewy milkshakes, corporate dictates, plastic, derisiveness, those energy shakes, Forrest GUMp, Read more

Episode One Hundred and Ten – Mom’s Dead In this very special episode, Doug is joined by Springfield, MO comedian/singer/song writer Sarah Pearl and upbeat depressing guy poet Gaylord Francis Howell, Sr. Together they discuss weird library patron day, pooping your pants when you die, poems, death clocks, Risk, being a little drunk, St. Patrick’s Day, Read more

Episode One Hundred and Five – TRICKY! In this very special episode, Doug is joined by comedian Ryan Trickey and Marcus Dunphy, a claims adjuster. They record the episode in the city of Springfield, MO, and discuss cookies, how the temporary studio is kept, trying, catholic high school, the volume of kids, baker’s dozen, grandma’s Read more