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145 Christopher Ray and Jake Young

Episode One-Hundred and Forty-Five – Rock, Paper, Tinder

In this episode, Doug has invited Crisco to his secluded island to be hunted for sport. The Fantasy Island remake, vinegar and baking soda volcanos, rock monsters, burger toppings, Sonic’s speaker systems, rocking the dinosaurs, whether you should say “shoot,” what’s going on over at the Sandals resort, giving up to just do a regular show, libraries, Tom Hanks films, Jeremy, Mr. Yuk, Russian-French Pirates, and play The Lightning Round!

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136 Christopher Ray and Mollye Cook

Episode One-Hundred and Thirty-Six – Sheep Metal

In this episode, Doug is joined in The Blue Room comedy club by it’s runner Christopher Ray and comedian Mollye Cook. Together they discuss such diverse topics as whether-or-not Doug can be heard in the cans (he can’t) and whether-or-not he can be heard on the recording (he can), those rapping gentlemen from Chris’ first episode of the show, illusions, who is an ace and who is a deuce, medieval barbers, whether-or-not the people who keep walking in and talking to us can be heard on the air and so, so much more.

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