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Episode Ninety-Six – It Made Me Nervous In this very special episode, Doug is joined by comedians Heather Thomson and Wanjiko. Together, they discuss, whether the theme song is famous, connections, parking in Highland Park, how life has been in reference to comedy and their day jobs, big fish at open mics, fanning tampons, everybody’s Read more

Episode Sixty-Nine – How Do You Kick ‘Em With a Stick? In this very special episode, Doug is joined by sick comedian Jim Coughlin and professor emeritus Jefferson Bode. Together they try to find their microphones, talk healing touches, surfing, surfing without surfing, the Stanley Cup, Harrison Ford, the flow of the universe and more! Read more

Episode Sixty – The One Year Anniversary In this very mundane episode, Doug and Cowboy Robot share their one year anniversary by having two VERY special guests in the studio: One is Diamond Dave, David Lee Roth and the other is Tom Waits’ brother, Donnie Waits. Together, they discuss a lot of crazy nonsense. Seriously, Read more

Episode Fifty-Seven – Sloppy Journalism In this very special episode, Doug is joined by Scott Luhrs and Franklin Washington to discuss whether or not Franklin Washington has ever been Franklin Washington before, the three things that Franklin knows, who sponsored Scott Luhrs’ appearance, they look for Doug’s phone, April Fools Day, MexiCoke, whether or not Read more