Obscure Reference Presents: Sketches Over the Years

In another episode of Obscure Reference Presents, Doug takes a look at a number of his previous podcasts, and collects the sketches of those ill-fated, and unsung podcasts.

A long time fan of sketch comedy, and sketch comedy albums in particular, as soon as podcasting became an affordable thing, Doug has tried to make a sketch comedy podcast work. His efforts have resulted in a couple of short-lived podcasts, including The Accursed Mountebanks, which ran for two seasons of six episodes each, as well as a couple of non-start podcasts that included sketches.

This is a collection of some of the best of what these shows had to offer. Some of them, especially the The Accursed Mountebanks episodes, relied heavily on the Monty Python style of connecting sketches to one-another, causing a few throughlines and recurring jokes. When listening to these sketches, if there’s a reference to something you don’t get, it was probably part of the connective tissue of that episode.

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