Obscure Reference Presents: Season 1 (Season 1)

This is another Obscure Reference Presents where I pull together all the episodes from a short-lived podcast, and put them out as one episode.

Just like the last episode, these are all episodes from a season of Season 1, the podcast where myself and a group of improvisers improv for an hour, then break it up into smaller episodes, add sound design and what-not.

The reason this one is being released SECOND is the sound quality. This was the first one we recorded, but do to some sound issues when we were initially recording (this was one of the first things recorded in the producer’s front room studio, so some settings needed to be fixed), it’s a little rough to listen to.

It’s still funny, though. And that’s why I wanted to make sure it gets out there.

We just recorded our first episode of the proper show in a long time. I want to bank 5 or six episodes before I start putting them back up, so expect a few more weeks of Obscure Reference Presents before we start hearing the new ones.

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