Category: Season Three

“Gassy Boy” Doug watches his language. Wolf sounds. Lillian Stone sounds. Uncomfortable standing. Rasta Methuselah! Maxwell Moments! Good good good. Tulsa, Oklahoma. WWFFWFO. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe. McSoylent Green! Complacency vs. Complicitness! Patting ourselves on the back! Bird noises! Thumb tack chairs! James Deans throughout history! Square dance!

“Paul Punyan” More power! Chet Armstrong! Energy drinks! Vaping! Q102.1 Springfield’s Rock Station! Pokemon GO! Baden! Paul Bunyan! Nudity! Herpes! Verne Troyer! Pee-Wee’s Playhouse! Dubsmash! Reservoir Tip! Pirates! So. Many. Tree. Puns! Hypnotism! Willibly Wob-Do Verne Troyer Warbily Parker! David the Gnome!

“Tubthumping” NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this episode was recorded on Doug’s phone. Sound quality slightly less than normal, but you can still easily hear everything. Boston Strangler, Brandon Speakes and Dick Sargent appear. Heckling. The electric slide. Seating arrangements. Pedestrians. Back 2 Da Hood. Act outs. David Bowie and Queen. Larry Hagman. V.I.P. Renegade. Read more

“Bathroom Stenographer” Doug comes to you from the Q102 studios, joined by DJ Shadow and comedian Seth White. Seth and Shadow wrestle the podcast away from Doug, and Dave the Janitor shows up. They discuss clean urinals, National Lampoon’s Titanic, frozen and dead Cousin Eddie, the B-52’s, Iron Butterfly, Tyme Machines. Then Captain Hannah the Read more

“Mornings on The Bridge” Local Low Power FM station morning hosts join Doug in the studio for today’s crazy episode! So much Frank talk! Sexy dogs! It’s Tracy Mitchells and Bill McGillicuddy! Regular music! Dancing spaghetti! D.B. Cooper makes a return appearance! Must Love Dogs! Controlling weather! Wet wool! Past lives and who has them! Read more

“Moving to Spain” Comedian Carter Pfankuch and Huckleberry Ray (wrestler) join Doug in the studio. They start out with bad jokes! Intergalactic Wrestling! Kaiju Big Battel! Taking flip bumps! The premise of the show! The rain in Spain! Curses on houses! The show ends when the guests go to Spain! Uber drivers on speed!   Read more

“And I Thought Mic Cords Smelled Bad On The Outside” In this violently good episode, Doug is joined by Seth White (after he takes off his blindfold), explains the premise of the show, then Doug’s other guest, Bob, jumps in, torch talk happens. Then, Bob storms off in a huff and Doug and Seth talk Read more

“Homonyms” On the 150th episode of Obscure Reference, Doug Driesel Jr., your intrepid host, is joined by Johnson Franklin and Golblax von Blackleblack (from another galaxy). Sassy emperors! Elvis Palpatine! Facetiming with Doug’s niece! The Death Star II Hotel! Crunchy towels! Shrivelled penis talk! Rev. Sun Myung Moon! Doom Patrol! Coach! Cooper has to sit! Read more