Category: Live

“2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate?” NOTE: Technical difficulties kept the regular recorder from working, so this is from the back-up on Doug’s phone. Corey Hasbin and Richard Dyer discuss several topics. Mostly asking the question “Who Cares?” Lots of murder talk. 80s and 90s television. Math math math! Roleplay! Hypnotism! The Cube series!

“Panfree Yacht” Dave the Part-Time Longshoreman joins Doug! Rick Flair! Porcupines! Loud audience members! Phone numbers! Cell phone pranks! Pokemon! Hot wing! Summer Slam! Quentin McLeod! Water Burger! Diabetic comas! Zombies! F*R*I*E*N*D*S! Dead horse! Ace of Base! Tarkus! Shasta McNasty! Then a man named Stanton Albertson joins the two of them. And don’t forget Craplehotch!

“Gassy Boy” Doug watches his language. Wolf sounds. Lillian Stone sounds. Uncomfortable standing. Rasta Methuselah! Maxwell Moments! Good good good. Tulsa, Oklahoma. WWFFWFO. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe. McSoylent Green! Complacency vs. Complicitness! Patting ourselves on the back! Bird noises! Thumb tack chairs! James Deans throughout history! Square dance!

“Paul Punyan” More power! Chet Armstrong! Energy drinks! Vaping! Q102.1 Springfield’s Rock Station! Pokemon GO! Baden! Paul Bunyan! Nudity! Herpes! Verne Troyer! Pee-Wee’s Playhouse! Dubsmash! Reservoir Tip! Pirates! So. Many. Tree. Puns! Hypnotism! Willibly Wob-Do Verne Troyer Warbily Parker! David the Gnome!

“Tubthumping” NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this episode was recorded on Doug’s phone. Sound quality slightly less than normal, but you can still easily hear everything. Boston Strangler, Brandon Speakes and Dick Sargent appear. Heckling. The electric slide. Seating arrangements. Pedestrians. Back 2 Da Hood. Act outs. David Bowie and Queen. Larry Hagman. V.I.P. Renegade. Read more