–Doug Driesel Jr. Tells the “Jokes for Lovers”–

This is a comedy EP I recently recorded, not intending it to be a release. However, the audio was so clean and it was such a great show, I couldn’t NOT release it. It is a comedy EP, which is just another word for a short album.





–My Name Is Dave–

My first comedy album, recorded and released in 2010, was an okay album. It is a mixture of stand-up and sketch. At the time, I was doing one-liners and was Mr. Alt Comic, so I recorded the stand-up portion in a friend’s front room for a select audience. However, I neglected to make that known, so it just sounds like a low attendance show. I’m keeping the album for sale, even though it does not reflect what I do these days, because I still think about 3/4 of this album is still funny.




–100 Jokes–

A documentary I directed about comedy. I eventually released it for free on Youtube (you can watch it in the media section of my page), but if you feel like supporting the movie, this is the link to where you’d buy it.


–Movie Riffs–

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