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–Stand-up Videos–

My current video being used for promotion and festival submissions:

My previous video, circa late 2016:

My previous promotional video (circa 2014):

My first stand-up television set (was heavily edited for television. This is the original video) for The History Channel’s History of the Joke:

My First Television Appearance (on Sammy and Friends, cira 1985):

–Stand-up Audio–

Every set I perform, I will record on my phone (audio only), unless there’s a better way to record it or there was some technical error. As one of the rewards for Patronizing my Patreon page, you will hear every one of those just days after they were performed!

–Sketch Video–

–Sketch Audio–

If you are interested in listening to sketch audio, you can either check out the podcast (as seen below), where one episode is a compilation of the best, or visit my Patreon page, where those come up as bonuses for supporters.


Obscure Reference with Doug Driesel Jr.

I started this podcast WAY back in 2013 when I still lived in Los Angeles. When I moved back to the Midwest, there were a lot of things, like location and a waning dedication that caused me to put this podcast on semi-permanent hiatus. Well, the show is now back and better than ever! We’re soft launching with “Obscure Reference Presents” a series of one shots and mini-series while new episodes of “Obscure Reference Proper” get recorded. Once I bank five episodes, they’ll start coming out.

–100 Jokes–